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  • Need something with up to 2kg capacity but still portable?

    Made by American Weigh (it's okay - you can call them Canadian Weigh if you like), these durable scales are small enough to be carried around, but powerful enough to weigh up to 2kg.

    You can put your V-60, Chemex or Aeropress straight onto the stainless steel surface of the scales, and weigh your grounds and water all in one place.

    We love these scales because they have an easy to read LCD backlit digital display, they look slick, and they have a ten year warranty.

    The best part? They use regular AAA batteries or AC adaptor (included), so you'll never have to search around for the right button cell battery.

    The SC-2KGA scales have an 90 seconds auto shut-off when running on the battery.

    These scales are hugely popular with both baristas and home coffee drinkers who want accuracy when brewing.

  • Specifications:

    • Digital LCD backlit display is easy to read
    • Powered by AAA batteries and AC adapter
    • 90s timeout
    • g, oz, ozt, dwt
    • Stainless steel weighing surface (4" x 4" or ~10 cm x10 cm)
    • Weighs to 0.1g (+/-0.2g) up to 2000g
    • Minimum weight: 0.3g
    • Optional calibration weights (not included)
    • Protective case doubles as a weighing tray
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Ten year limited warranty


    • SC-2KGA scale
    • Two AAA batteries & AC adaptor
    • Protective case doubles as a weighing tray
  • Method Coming Soon

aws american weigh scale

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great scale.Great customer service.

I came to Eight Ounce Coffee after being unsuccessful at buying a gram scale at another online coffee supplier (you know the one; you see their ads everywhere).
I had spent 6 weeks with that supplier waiting for a scale that they eventually told me I wasn't going to receive.
I emailed Eight Ounce Coffee to find out when these scales would be back in stock (they were out at the time).
They emailed me right back with an ETA.
They emailed me again when the scales were in and I got one shipped to me right away.
The scale is great.
It's small; it's convenient; it's consistent.
It helps me dial in my grinder for espresso faster than before.
It doesn't take up much space.
The AC adapter is a great option but I've been running it off AAAs for portability.
I'm happy.

Great working scale

I've been using this scale for a year now, mostly to weight the grounds for the portafilter but it also works great to do a pour-over too. I like the fact that it's accurate to 0.1g so it's precise enough for weighing my espresso grinds - at least for my needs.
The backlight is great and the fact that it takes normal batteries is a bonus. The batteries it came with didn't last very long but they weren't alkaline so that's expected. I love its small size so it can be tucked in beside my machine.
So far so good...it's still working fine and I expect it to last many more years.

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