KEEPCUP LongPlay (16oz/454ml)

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KeepCup LongPlay is a durable glass reusable coffee cup, with a removable Tritan™ plastic sleeve, that's barista standard for the perfect pour. It's lightweight, easy to carry and with a press fit sipper lid it's lovely to drink from - lid on or off. Capacity is 16oz/454ml. Available in a range of colourways.

Colour: Black
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    Designed to enjoy the craft and sensory pleasure of coffee on the go. KeepCup LongPlay is a durable glass reusable coffee cup that's barista standard for the perfect pour. It's lightweight, easy to carry and with a press fit sipper lid it's lovely to drink from - lid on or off.

    LongPlay adds a removable Tritan™ plastic sleeve to the glass cup to create a twin wall vessel. The sleeve increases durability and insulates better. For hot drinks, LongPlay will improve heat retention and insulate your hand from heat, and for ice drinks, keep them cold longer and prevent condensation.

    Baristas love KeepCups because they fit under the group heads of most espresso machines and are easy to pour latte art into. Coffee drinkers love KeepCups because they come in loads of fabulous colours, are spill-proof, and have a beautifully designed plug to open and close the lid.

    • Available in a range of colourways
    • Designed in Australia
    • Capacity: 16oz/454ml
    • Materials:
      • Cup: Tempered Glass
      • Sleeve: Tritan
      • Band: Silicone #7
      • Lid: Polypropylene #7
      • Plug: LDPE #4
    • Glass is Independently Verified to not have Lead or Cadmium
    • Plastic Parts are BPA and BPS Free Polypropylene
    • Estimated break-even with disposable cup: 15 uses
  • Cleaning and Care
    • Keep the plug in the open position for all hot drinks over 65°C / 149°F
    • Designed to be taken apart for easy, thorough and hygienic cleaning
    • It is recommended that the Tritan plastic sleeve is handwashed only, to ensure longevity of the material which can cloud over time from dishwasher cleaning.
    • Dishwasher safe on the top rack
    • Microwavable with the lid off to 100°C / 212°F
    • Store with lid off
    To disassemble your LongPlay sleeve
    • Flip the outer lip of the silicone band upwards
    • Gently wriggle the sleeve down off the glass cup
    • Remove silicone band
    To assemble your LongPlay sleeve
    • Gently wriggle the silicone up the glass cup, so that the internal lip fits snug against the glass indentation
    • Flip up the bottom edge of the band
    • Sit the glass cup into the sleeve
    • Flip the outer lip of the silicon band down so that it covers the sleeve edge in total circumference, then press down to securely attach

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Sarah S. (Ontario, Canada)
I’m a fan!

Really like this, with the glass interior (I’m not keen to drink my coffee out of plastic!). The outside plastic feels extra secure and makes me less worried about breaking it. It doesn’t keep coffee hot for long but it is microwaveable without the top, so that’s helpful!

Andrew R. (Ontario, Canada)
Love it

I used to have the plastic version which eventually warped after many years.
I love the glass interior and the plastic exterior. Probably already saved me from breaking it a couple times

Meg (Ontario, Canada)
My favourite mug

I keep coming back for keep cup. It is my favourite brand. I don’t like my coffee to be kept super hot, I like drinking it on my way to work. I love the different coloured lids.

Anonymous (Quebec, Canada)
Go to coffee cup

Love the different colors, love the fact that there is a plastic cup on the exterior to protect the glass and our hands from the hot temperature.

Anonymous (Quebec, Canada)
Love this cup

I love the new concept of having a plastic layer to the KeepCup. It helps keep the content warmer or colder for longer and also protects the glass from breakage. The components are easy to separate but super secure once put back together. Love it!

Renee S. (Quebec, Canada)

Enjoying my mug!

Jordan (British Columbia, Canada)
Finally a good car mug.

The mug does what it is designed to do. It is great for drinking in the car and on a walk. It is not a fully sealed thermos style mug, but it keeps your coffee warm enough for a couple of hours without scalding your lips and it doesn't alter the taste of your brew.

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