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Tasting Notes: Cocoa Nibs, Almond, Honey

With its Decaf coffee, Matchstick strives to deliver consistent price and flavour. They source small-lot decaf blends ideal for espresso and assign a new number designation whenever the coffee component changes. *Note that the bag number may differ from the displayed picture.*

coffee bag size Quantity: 340g
coffee format Format: Roasted Whole Bean
coffee country of origin Origin: Blend
coffee origin type Origin Type: Blend
coffee region Region: Huehuetenango, Laguna de Ayarza
coffee producer/farm Producer: ALMA Blend program
coffee variety Variety: Caturra, Bourbon
coffee farm altitude Altitude: 1500 meters
coffee process Process: Washed
caffeine level Caffeine: Decaffeinated
coffee brew method Brew Method: Filter or Espresso
coffee roast levelRoast Level: Medium Dark
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Customer Reviews

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Customer (Ontario, Canada)
Good for milk drinks, but not for straight espresso

Roast level is noted as "medium-dark", and that's definitely accurate. Straight espresso shots taste very sharp and smokey, even with an ice ball. Much better with milk/cream to soften that harshness.

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