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Square Mile Coffee - The Filter Blend

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Tasting Notes:

The Filter Blend by Square Mile is a seasonal, versatile classic, embodying everything loved about specialty coffee. Balanced and medium-bodied, it’s perfect for all-day enjoyment. The latest iteration is a 50/50 blend of washed coffees from Sholi, Rwanda’s Muhanga District, and Los Tablones in Jalapa, Guatemala. This blend delivers a harmonious cup with sweet honey-like notes, complemented by hints of citrus, nuts, and dried fruits.

coffee bag size Quantity: 350g
coffee format Format: Roasted Whole Bean
coffee country of origin Origin: Blend
coffee origin type Origin Type: Blend
coffee region Region: Blend
coffee producer/farm Producer: Orange, Hazelnut, Fudge
coffee variety Variety: Various
coffee process Process: Blend
caffeine level Caffeine: Full Caffeine
coffee brew method Brew Method: Filter
coffee roast levelRoast Level: Light
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lloyd G. (British Columbia, Canada)
James Hoffman for the win

Wanted to try James Hoffmans coffee collab and wasn’t disappointed.

Complex, but balanced and delicious. Would buy again.

Anonymous (Manitoba, Canada)
Gotta try the famous Hoffman’s coffee

Pricey but James was the reason I went down the specialty rabbit hole. The coffee is quite tasty, likely not a regular purchase from me but I did really enjoy it

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