A Quick Guide to the Ratio Six Coffee Maker

A Quick Guide to the Ratio Six Coffee Maker
Dina Ibrahim
3 different types of Ratio Six Coffee Makers placed side by side: Black with vintage carafe, classic stainless steel, and a stainless steel with wood accents and a glass carafe.


The Ratio Six Coffee Maker is a beautifully designed coffee brewer that delivers world-class filter coffee at the push of a button in cafes or your home. Let's look at some of its features to understand why it's one of the best coffee machines that thousands recommend!



With its precision water flow system, and a forgiving flat bottom basket, the Ratio Six gives you a personal barista that will make you delicious coffee every time. The thoughtfully designed heat shield traps heat during the pour-over process, ensuring that your coffee is at the correct temperature and that your coffee comes out of the carafe nice and hot! It also has a 5-year manufacturer warranty if purchased from Eight Ounce Coffee for added ease of mind.


The Ratio Six Coffee Makers are manufactured to last for years to come, but it is still crucial to understand how to clean your coffee machine. Watch this quick video for some cleaning and descaling tips:



You can purchase most of the products in the video on our site.


Did you know that the water you use can also affect the taste of your coffee and the performance of your coffee machine? Coffee is 98% water, and using the correct water makes a big difference in your cup. The Third Wave Classic Profile Sachet is a super easy way to achieve the perfect mineral combination and brew delicious coffee! 



Lastly, brewing delicious coffee requires high-quality beans to achieve the perfect cup. No machine can create a perfect cup of coffee without the proper beans. Luckily, we have a collection of roasters sourced from all around the world by our team of world-class professionals. You can find our diverse selection here.


The Ratio six delivers world-class coffee with a push of a button. Its Emulated pour over process delivers a perfect pot of coffee every time, its made with premium materials that are built to last.


Need some help on deciding if this is the right coffee machine for you? No worries. Our incredible customer service team is knowledgeable about all our products and can help guide you to your perfect match. Please feel free to contact our team at hello@eightouncecoffee.com 


Reviews on the Ratio Six Coffee Maker:

"Beauty and simplicity! - The Ratio Six has not let me down. Day after day, the simplicity of use and the quality of the brew extracted never fails to please myself and my partner, who is less of a coffee snob. Looks great on your counter as well." - Mark E.

"A Breath of Fresh Air! - I had purchased this machine as I had been eyeing the Ratio electric brewers for some time. I first saw the Ratio Eight at a local coffee roaster (Devil's Head) and fell in love with the sleek design and overall quality."

"The machine is made of top notch quality. Like the Ratio Eight it produces larger batch brewing for individuals who brew a lot of coffee more then that of the manual brewers like the V60. All of the parts are not made of plastic like most coffee machines that are inexpensive. I essentially decided to go with this model over the Eight because ot produces essentially the same quality and size except its made in China as opposed to the USA."

"I can not express how great this machine is producing the quality of the best manual pour over devices at with a larger quantity. I use this as my morning routine before work is too limited for time and all I can say is wow!"

"This machine was well worth every dollar. If you want a machine that will last you and want the pour over quality then don't cheap out and feel the experience!" - Misa

"Ratio 6 Brewer - By far the best home brewer we’ve ever used" - Wanda H.


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