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Father's Coffee

We welcome Father’s Coffee Roastery, a specialty coffee experience brought to you from Ostrava, Czech Republic. The Father’s Coffee team embarked on their coffee journey in 2013 with a life-changing encounter – their first sip of Kenyan espresso. Its clean, sweet, and fruity notes captivated them, prompting the inception of their first coffee shop, COKAFE. Over time, they've explored different aspects of coffee culture, starting as baristas in Ostrava and refining their skills at Five Elephant café in Berlin. It was there that the dream of their own roastery took shape. Two years later, their dream came true, and they roasted the first batch on their Diedrich coffee roaster under their brand, FATHER’S COFFEE. Each batch is meticulously scored by a Q-grader, ensuring only the finest beans earn the "specialty" label, representing a mere 5% of global coffee production. While commodity coffee may dominate the market, they believe in elevating the coffee experience – from bean to cup – delivering freshness, flavour, and a connection to the origins often lost in mass production.

Father's Coffee
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