3oz Shot Glass

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Excellent 3-ounce measuring glass brandishing the Barista Basics logo.

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  • Excellent 3-ounce measuring glass brandishing the Barista Basics logo. This high quality thick walled clear glass features both half ounce and 10 millilitre measurement markings in a new triple-spouted design with a convenient handle that makes it easier to transfer the contents without a mess. Ideal for professional drink building and as a bar measuring glass.

    • Capacity: 89ml (3oz)
    • 10ml graduation markings from 10ml to 70ml
    • 1/2oz graduation markings from 1/2oz to 2oz
    • Height: 6.2cm (2.4")
    • Diameter: 6.6cm (2.6") - 7.2cm (2.8")from spout to spout
    • Borosilicate Glass
  • Method Coming Soon

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Nicole S. (Alberta, Canada)
Handy Glass

3 spouts means you can use it as a lefty or a righty, and measurement lines are easy to read. Love it!

Le f.B. (Alberta, Canada)
Does the job

Perfect for pouring espresso shots in the customers' own cups.

YOUSEF T. (Alberta, Canada)

3oz Shot Glass


This is one of those things I wasn’t looking for but when I was looking for something else to get me over the shipping limit, it looked worthwhile. And it’s delightfully functional, and I love the pirate angle.

Paul O. (Alberta, Canada)
Take you best shot!

The shot glasses are beyond material belief!
Pouring espresso into these shots glasses is an altruistic experience.
I wish life would treat me as kindly and fulfilling as the way these shot glasses treat a freshly crafted espresso.
If only there were words able to describe the joy I feel watching the coffee nectar gently fill the glass.
I can hardly wait to break it so I can buy another one!

Michael (British Columbia, Canada)
A basic neccesity

If you make espresso this is a must. It has a spout to pour and measurements in mls/ounces.

It's also wide enough for a double spout, so you can't fault it.

Andrew N. (Ontario, Canada)
Great Little Glass

This is an excellent shot glass, with some very thoughtful features.

I used to use a 2oz/1oz Jigger to measure shots of syrups and alcohol, but it can get messy in a busy environment, especially if you need to use both sides for different mixes and recipes. With that in mind I started looking for a classic stepped jigger, which is more useful as it doesn't have fixed volumes and you don't need to flip it to get a different measurement.

This shot-glass-measuring-cup does what a stepped jigger does and way more. It has measurements in multiple units, 3 spouts to pour from, and a nice little handle. The pirate flag barista basics logo is great too. I haven't measured for precision, but it seems to hold up previous recipes without issue.

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