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  • The KONE Coffee Filter is a stainless steel reusable filter which allows for more oils and a fuller bodied cup of coffee than paper. Designed to create the best coffee possible for those seeking a sustainable alternative to paper filter. This filter fits happily inside a Chemex, or a V60-02.

    • Made in the USA
    • Fits standard 6,8 and 10 cup Chemex® Coffee Makers
    • Fits KONE Brewing System
    • Fits Ratio Glass Carafe and Ratio Ceramic Dripper
    • Stainless steel photo etched filter media
    • Food safe plastic structure support ring
    • Flat cone tip for safety
    • Place in Coffee Brewer as you would a paper filter.
    • You may find that you need a slightly coarser grind than you would with a paper filter.
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Customer Reviews

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Not worth the price

I was getting tired of having to buy the paper filters every so often for my Hario V60 and wanted an alternative, so that's when I decided to look into a reusable filter. I was really hesitant about this one due to the high price but finally just bought it. While it makes a good cup of coffee, I was expecting much more for the price. I think it's great it's made in the US but I was expecting a much better fit inside the Hario V60-02. I do not have a scale to check on how full my mug is getting and therefore, lifting the Hario off my mug is necessary once in a while. If the Able filter isn't perfectly positioned(which is hard to do since the Able filter only touches the widest part on the Hario allowing the point on the filter to teeter off in different directions inside the Hario), coffee is running down the outside of your mug. It's easy to clean though. Unless you have money to burn, I would most likely choose the flaws of a cheaper reusable filter.

Pros: Reusable, Easy to clean, Makes a decent cup, made in USA
Cons: EXPENSIVE, Learning curve to position in a Hario V60-02, Did I say expensive?

Must have!

A few months ago I noticed that the coffee served at a local shop was cloudier than normal. I had seen them using the V60 pour over, but couldn't figure out how they were achieving the turbidity and full body. A few weeks ago I noticed they were using the Kone Filter by Able and asked them their opinions of it. They had experienced no issues, it was easy to clean, and the felt it was really showcasing their coffee. I was a little on the fence about ordering this filter due to the price, but decided to pull the trigger.

Fast forward almost a month and I am extremely happy about this product. It makes an incredible cup of coffee that is full bodied, silky smooth, and really showcases the flavors. It's very easy to maintain and fits any V60 pour over. I'm not sure how long this one will last, but when it's time comes I will definitely be buying another. This is one of the best cups of coffee I've had in the last few years at home.

Thanks Able and Eight Ounce for supplying such a fantastic product!

Thanks for the great review!!

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