Baratza M2 Cone Burr (Virtuoso, Preciso)

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Replacement stainless steel Preciso inner burr that comes standard on Virtuoso grinders. Can also be used to upgrade the burr on the Encore.

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  • Description
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  • Method
  • Replacement stainless steel Preciso inner burr that comes standard on Virtuoso grinders. Can also be used to upgrade the burr on the Encore.

    Redesigned conical inner burr for the Preciso and Virtuoso (586). This burr set is only compatible with the Virtuoso 586 with the Preciso burr. If you have an original Virtuoso 585, you will need to upgrade your grinder using the GB 2.0 Rebuild Kit before you can switch to the new burr design.

    • Stainless steel cone burr
  • Method Coming Soon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lee (Alberta, Canada)
Great Encore Upgrade

This is a great upgrade for my encore. It was easy to install (baratza has a great YouTube video), it is quieter than the original Burr, and it is more of a consistent grind. My old one was several years old and I noticed a big difference in grind quality.

David O. (Alberta, Canada)
Great upgrade

I was looking to buy a dedicated espresso grinder but was discouraged with the high prices, starting at $500. Little did I know this $50 upgrade would do the job. There are many YouTube videos detailing step by step the process replacing the M2 cone, making it was easy to replace. Well worth it.

Cody W. (New Brunswick, Canada)
Worthwhile Upgrade for Baratza Encore

-Faster Grind Time
-Not quieter, but a more pleasant grind noise
-More consistent grind size, less fines
-Easy Install (I went with vice grips from the top)

- I guess you need to re-dial your grind size, I had to go a little finer settings whether grinding for pour over, French press, or aero press.
-I don’t find it is great for espresso still, but it’s fine, you can pull a good shot most of the time. I plan on getting a dedicated espresso grinder and using the encore for pour over, and immersion brews.

Definitely recommend this burr

Tim (Ontario, Canada)
Great upgrade for the Encore.

I purchased this burr to use as an upgrade for my Encore, and I believe I've been getting a more consistent grind afterwards. The best evidence I have for this is that in the bed of grinds left after brewing my pourovers, there now appears to be less sludge from the fines at the grind setting ideal for any given coffee I've tried so far, and I appear to be able to get longer drawdowns without getting channeling in the bed of coffee. In summary, I believe I've improved the performance of my grinder by installing these burrs, and am glad to have done this upgrade.

Hugo R. (Quebec, Canada)
Worthy upgrade for the Encore

Installing the M2 cone burr on the Baratza Encore is worth it. It takes 30-60 minutes and Baratza has all the instructions with photos and tips available on their website. Removing the case can be tricky, and removing/reinstalling the gear takes some force, but you can find videos on YouTube for help (Baratza has an official channel where you can learn how to do it).

Harrison S. (Quebec, Canada)

Worthy upgrade, especially for those who use the Encore for espresso. I recommend also remove the detent to make it stepless.

Seb M. (Alberta, Canada)
Great upgrade for Encore

I bought this burr to replace my original encore burr. This is all that you need to upgrade your burr set to the M2, it took about half hour to change over and baratza has all the instructions on their website. This made my grind significantly more even, less fines and quicker. Would highly recommend!

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