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  • Designed by world class barista Matt Perger, the Barista Hustle tamper is designed to help every barista take a step closer to the 'god shot'. It's lightweight to minimize fatigue, fits snuggly into a portafilter without causing suction, and because dropping a brand new tamper is as inevitable as the sun rising, price sensitive replaceable base is available: we call it rebaseable :)
    If that's not enough, it also comes in its own sleek carry case to prevent travel damage and protect your investment.

    In the Words of Barista Hustle:

    • Lightweight: At only 250 grams, the Barista Hustle Tamper makes regular tampers feel like an axe, and you’ve just upgraded to a scalpel. A less cumbersome tamper also means less repetitive strain on the body.
    • Eliminates Vacuuming:A tight portafilter fit combined with a unique double flange between the base and top slope of the handle eliminates potential vacuuming created by a traditional thick piston face. This reduces channeling and provides a more stable puck for extraction.
    • Optimal Grip:Human-friendly shape for most hands and styles. Rock hard yet textured surface for confident gripping.
    • Flat 58.4mm 304 Stainless Steel Base
    • Military-Spec Type III Hard Anodized Aluminium Shaft with Textured Surface
    • Weight: 250g Total
    • Replaceable Base
    • Black Canvas Zipper Case with Custom Fit Interior
  • Method Coming Soon

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