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  • This is the most widely used and hardest working butane burner for coffee syphons. Sometimes referred to as a "yama" burner, this syphon burner from the good people at Rekrow is a quick and easy way to heat water.

    Whilst we love Hario syphons here at Eight Ounce Coffee, we can't help but feel the provided alcohol burner that comes packaged with them falls a bit short of our standards in terms of control and heat consistency - an issue with all syphons, not just Hario.

    You can make a good beverage with the standard issue burner and some patience but, if you want to be able to make the most out of your lovely coffee chemistry set, you need a solid butane burner.

    This is the newest version of butane burner from Rekrow, the experts in butane powered products. We like the improvement to the shape and design, as well as the new safety switch! (Because what fun are flames if they aren't safe?)

    Not only does this particular version look very cool when in action, it also allows precise control of heat, which is essential in achieving coffee heaven.

    • Equipped with a stopper mechanism to ensure a safe turn off
    • Electronic instant ignition system
    • With built-in safety pressure release valve
    • Heavy base design
    • Adjustable flame
    • Refillable 25 - 30 gms butane fuel tank.
    • Max. Temperature attainable : 1,300°C or 2,400°F
    • Working Time : about 45 minutes.
    • Dimensions: 121 mm x 80 mm x 72 mm
  • Method Coming Soon!

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Customer Reviews

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Good little burner

Good little burner. I understand now why you would want this vs an alcohol burner for the vacuum coffee system. Much easier to control. It does seem to take a lot of butane though.

Rekrow Butane Micro Burner

I bought this with the Hario TCA-5 syphon… I would personally not want to use the included alcohol wick burner so was glad I got this. There is a significant range of flame from barely on to a roaring blaze (although I would not go nearly that high while using it on a syphon). For butane source, this works well with the 8oz cans you can commonly find at Asian markets for donabe hot pot butane stoves.

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