Cafelat 8mm Silicone E61 Group Gasket


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Cafelat 8mm Silicone E61 Group Gasket
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  • Replace that leaky gasket in the group head of your espresso machine with this neutral and aroma-free silicone gasket. The soft consistency creates a better seal and makes installation even easier.

    • 8.0mm conical design and external grooves match standard group head gaskets
    • Heat resistant silicone
    • Forms tight seal without tightening the portafilter as much as a standard gasket
    • Fits all espresso machines with E61 group heads
    • 73mm x 57mm x 8.0mm Red Silicone Gasket
    • Use the portafilter with the basket removed to install the gasket to avoid breakage
    • If you're taking apart the grouphead for maintenance and need to use a lubricant, use a silicone lubricant (ideally a food-safe white grease) as petroleum based grease can degrade silicone

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Works Perfectly
Don't buy a machine without getting this silicon at the same time, it's a MUST.

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