CHEMEX® Funnex Single Serve Pourover Brewer

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The FUNNEX offers the same brewing experience that you know and love from your favourite 3 Cup Classic Chemex, but in a smaller package. What separates the FUNNEX from the other Chemex coffee makers is that it allows you to brew into whatever vessel choose! Use multiple FUNNEX brewers on a pour-over stand in your cafe.

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    What happens when you take a funnel and combine it with your favourite CHEMEX® coffee brewer... you get the FUNNEX!

    The FUNNEX offers the same brewing experience that you know and love from your favourite 3 Cup CHEMEX® Chemex (CM-1, CM-1C, CM-1GH), but in a smaller package. It's made from non-porous Borosilicate glass that doesn't absorb nasty odours or chemical residue. What separates the FUNNEX from the other CHEMEX® coffee makers is that it allows you to brew into whatever vessel or coffee server that you choose! This versatility allows you to brew directly into your travel mug, or you can use multiple FUNNEX brewers on a pour-over stand in your cafe for a very fun brewing experience! The double-walled glass design keeps heat loss to a minimum while also retaining the Classic CHEMEX® look and feel.

    • Brewing Capacity: 444ml (15oz)
    • Non-porous Double-walled Borosilcate Glass
    • Silicone Ring at Base for to Protect the Base of the Brewer
    • Uses CHEMEX® Moon 3 Cup Filters (FP-2)
    1. Begin heating your water. Place the Funnex® and gasket on top of your cup, carafe, mug or thermos. The gasket must always be used when brewing directly on top of a vessel to allow proper air flow.
    2. Fold your half moon filter paper into a cone shape according to the instructions found on the FP-2 / FP-2N filter box.
    3. Using MEDIUM-COARSE ground coffee, put one rounded tablespoon for every 5oz of coffee you wish to brew. The Funnex™ can brew up to 15oz of coffee. You may adjust the amount of grounds used to suit your taste preference.
    4. After your water has come to a boil, remove it from the heat and let it rest for approximately 30 seconds. Using a circular motion, pour just enough water to saturate the grounds and then wait 30 seconds or so for the coffee to "bloom".
    5. Slowly pour the remaining water over the grounds, using a circular or back-and-forth motion to ensure even saturation. Continue pouring until you have brewed your desired amount of coffee.
    6. Remove the filter and discard. Lift the Funnex and Gasket off the vessel and carefully set aside. Indulge in the flavor of perfect CHEMEX® coffee.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Nitant (British Columbia, Canada)
Best coffee starts here

Best and economic equipment for starters

G-Lo (Ontario, Canada)
Chemex never disappoints

Beautiful design, great taste and the coffee is nice and hot when it brews right into your mug.

Michael (Ontario, Canada)

I wanted to try this brewer to have the ability to have the familiar brewing experience of a larger Chemex brewer but with a smaller footprint and this does not disappoint. Paired with the dual wall mug the brewer really shines. The design and function produces a great cup of coffee consistently without heat loss.

Lux (Alberta, Canada)
Cute and simple

Looks cute. Simple to use. I can make it right in my cup so it’s nice and warm.

Tanya M. (Alberta, Canada)

I am new to pour-over and bought this single-brew as well as the 8 cup Chemex. They are both beautiful but I'd have to say the single-brew is my favourite. It keeps the coffee hot-- brewed directly into your mug instead of losing heat with the pouring process. I have the brown, white and reusable coffeesock filters and all work well - my taste is not so refined to notice a difference in the flavour outcome.

Corrie (Saskatchewan, Canada)

functions like a 3 cup chemex but it gets a lot of attention when friends come over for its unique design

David K. (Alberta, Canada)

Chemex Funnex Single Serve Pourover Brewer

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