CoffeeSock Chemex Filter 3-Cup

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Looking for a cloth filter for your 3 Cup Chemex? This is the one! Using soft, organic cotton, this Chemex filter is hand-sewn in the USA.

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  • Looking for a cloth filter for your 3 Cup Chemex? This is the one! Using soft, organic cotton, this Chemex filter is hand-sewn in the USA. It fits on the Pint Sized Chemex, and comes in a pack of two - so you've always got a spare. We love the difference this filter makes. Not only are you reusing your filter, you're also creating a totally different flavour profile than you would get with paper or metal filters. Cloth filters allow more oils through, and therefore give you more body - without sacrificing complexity.

    • Fits 3 Cup Pint Chemex Coffee Makers (not included)
    • 100% Made in USA by Coffee Sock
    • Organic cotton
    • Two filters per pack
  • Cleaning Instructions:

    • compost your grounds (great for your soil)
    • turn your sock inside out and rinse with hot water
    • squeeze out excess water, and hang up to dry thoroughly between uses. this is all the cleaning that is necessary with ordinary use

    To further sanitize occasionally, or as necessary:

    • boil for 5 minutes
    • or run through dishwasher
    • or soak in water and microwave on high
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Christine L. (Alberta, Canada)
Works well in Souther Alberta climate

Easy to rinse & dries perfectly well in 24 hours here in Calgary so no need to worry about storing it wet.

SandraM (Alberta, Canada)
No Need to Keep Buying Filters

Good Quality, I like that I don't need to keep purchasing paper filters.

Michael (Ontario, Canada)
Perfect filter

Coffee brewed through this cloth filter is simply perfect. Great flavour and body as the oils are allowed through without the grit. Maintenance of the filter is easy and doesn’t take any more effort than cleaning a reusable metal filter. Store it in water in the fridge or wring it out, put it in a freezer bag and store it in the freezer.

Lux (Alberta, Canada)
Great and sustainable

Way better replacement than my metal filter. It does take more work to keep clean but I enjoy some ritual to my coffee making. To keep mold from growing I use a method I learned from James Hoffman, keep your filter in a glass of water in the fridge between brews. It works great. Just rinse with warm water before use.

Stephanie B. (Alberta, Canada)

Love this product. It works great and is easier on the environment. Only small downside is getting the grounds out of the tip take a little more time and effort compared to a metal one.

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