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  • Whether it’s a sports car, premium laptop, or the Comandante hand grinder, many premium products come out of the factory ready to rock and out-perform the competition. But sometimes you want to increase that performance so you can have an even greater advantage. You might put a turbo in your sports car or install more RAM and a SSD in your laptop. So how can you make one of the best hand grinders on the market even better: install a Red Clix.

    The Red Clix axle and adjustment grind dial are engineered with a finer precision thread than the standard axle system. This will help you further dial in your espresso or fine-tune your championship Kalita Wave recipe. The standard Comandante system will change your grind 30 microns per click. The Red Clix system halves that number and will make adjustments of 15 microns per click - oh behave. So to find the grind setting for your favourite Guatemala coffee on V60 from the standard system, you just need to double it on the Red Clix.

    The increased precision of the Red Clix does not affect grind quality or the stability and performance of the burrs. The grinding experience remains as smooth and as enjoyable as before. Now get grinding!

    • Made in Germany
    • Includes: Precision Threaded Axle, Spring, 2 Washers, Red Grind Dial and Silicon Wristband
    • Important: The Red Clix Axle and Dial Are Not to be Used in Combination with the Standard Axle or Dial. Doing so will Greatly Damage the Red Clix Axle and Dial
  • Grind Setting Guide

    Standard (S), Red Clix (RC)

    • Espresso: 7 - 12 (S), 14 - 24 (RC)
    • AeroPress: 13 - 18 (S), 26 - 36 (RC)
    • Pour-Over: 19 - 24 (S), 38 - 48 (RC)
    • French Press: 25 - 30 (S), 50 - 60 (RC)

    How to Install Your Red Clix!

    How to Dial-in Your Comandante!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
E.T. (Ontario, Canada)
Great upgrade for espresso

Completely agree with all the existing reviews, the new axle is very easy to install and makes dialing in espresso much easier. The kit also came with a rubber band which goes around the grinder to make it easier to hold.

Stephen (Quebec, Canada)
Next level

This already makes an amazing grinder even better. I was looking to buy a new electric grinder for espresso, but after upgrading with this it has me very satisfied.

Don't worry about the installation, it's very easy. Can't recommend this enough for anyone who has a Comandente!

Jason R. (Oregon, United States)
Excellent upgrade

I went back and forth a bit on this one, “do I really need an extra 1/2 click of adjustment for my espresso?” Yes, yes I do it turns out. I can dial my espresso in perfectly at a lucky 13 clicks on the Commandante.

I was recommended this grinder by a champion barista some years ago and it has been game changing for me and has allowed me to grow in my brewing over the years. If you like being in touch with all the elements of the brew and enjoy the zen of it all, then it’s great.

Happy eight ounce had it in stock and was able to get it to me in the states quickly too.

Brock L. (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Good for starting w Espresso

I got this after buying my first espresso machine to get started. I still think I’ll probably move on to an electric grinder eventually, but having red clix was good enough to tie me over for a bit while I save up. The shots with my Commandante are quite good - but it takes a lot of grinding! Installation is super easy, watch the video.

S.G (Ontario, Canada)
Great addition to fine-tune your grind

Simple yet effective add-on for the Comandante hand grinder. Really useful (and arguable vital) if you're trying to dial in for espresso, or even pour-overs/aeropress at lower starting doses. It halves the grind size change per click. So effectively compared to the standard axel, you have to go two clicks for the same change in grind size. This extra level of precision is super useful for getting that espresso shot just right. Yes it takes longer to go from extreme adjustments, say from 14 to 50, where previously that would have been from 7 to 25. But I consider that a minor inconvenience compared to the benefits this brings. Highly recommended with the caveat that (to me) it's seems really necessary only if you're preparing coffee with the above-mentioned methods regularly.

Dylan (Alberta, Canada)
Additional control in grind size, especially for espresso grind

This is a really cool add-on for the Comandante. I bought this because I was traveling and grinding espresso fine for my Flair Pro 2, and wanted to dial in a little closer. I got better results using this and pulled serviceable shots. Not perfect, but quite good. If I knew I was not going to be making espresso shots for a while, I would honestly switch back to the normal axel. I was always turning the clicks back zero because I forgot where I was when switching between different brew methods, and it is annoying to have to count 40-80 clicks instead of 20-40. But if you are generally not jumping between brew methods, that doesn't really matter, and I suppose it is always nicer to be more accurately dialed in, even for methods like pour-over or Aeropress. This is definitely a niche product, but for the people that want just a little more adjustability, this works very well.

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