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  • A Simple, High Volume Knock Chute!

    This ingenious device fits right over the top of the 23 Gallon Plastic Space Saver Trash Can and will allow you to knock out those grounds in massive quantities. The Barista Basics Knockboxes were designed with quality and durability in mind. Unmatched by any other knockbox on the market, they are made with ultra strong ABS plastic and include a removable NBR rubber knock bar. The removable knock bar and sleek ABS design make these units easy to clean. These are built to last!

    • Length: 51.5cm (20 1/4")
    • Width: 28.5cm (11 1/4")
    • Height: 7.0cm (2 3/4")
    • ABS Resin Plastic
    • Removable NBR Rubber Knock Bar
  • The Combo Knock Box is designed to fit securely on top of trash cans with an open lid dimension of 42.2cm (16 5/8") x 23.8cm (9 3/8")

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