FELLOW Stagg EKG Pro Electric Pour Over Kettle (120V)

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Introducing the FELLOW Stagg EKG Pro. With fully customizable brew settings, precision temperature and pouring, and access to updates over WiFi, it's time to go Pro. Upgrade to the luxe version, the Stagg EKG Pro Studio edition makes the ultimate countertop statement.

Colour: Matte black
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    Fellow took what they do best, and made it better. Introducing the Stagg EKG Pro, the game-changing evolution to Fellow's signature pour-over kettle. With fully customizable brew settings, precision temperature and pouring control, and access to powerful updates over WiFi, it's time to go Pro.

    Upgrade to the luxe version, featuring a premium, reflective glass base and sleek metal touchpoints, the Stagg EKG Pro Studio edition makes the ultimate countertop statement.

    Customizable Brew Settings
    Use the high resolution full color screen to access a stacked menu of features to perfect your brew.

    • Schedule: Set your kettle to reach a specific temperature at a specific time.
    • Guide Mode: Not sure where to begin? Pick a preset temperature for different coffee brewing styles and types of tea.
    • Altitude: Prevent boiling over by setting the altitude for your location.
    • Adjustable Hold Mode: Keep your water hot for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.
    • Chime + volume control: Hear when your water is ready. Turn it on or off and decide how loud.
    • Units: Pick Fahrenheit or Celsius.
    • Pre-Boil: Boil at max temperature to sanitize before dropping to your target temperature.
    • Language: Choose English, French, and Spanish.
    • Clock: Go analog or digital.
    • WiFi: Get the latest features through WiFi upgrades using the Fellow app.

    Because wood is a natural product it is prone to drying and warping. Wood components that are exposed to high heat and moisture, such as the lid pull and handle, may eventually dry out and crack (like repeatedly putting a cutting board in a dishwasher). To prevent this, we recommend periodically applying mineral oil to the lid pull & handle once per month - and buffing with a soft cloth. It’s also good practice to do this any time you notice the wood feeling especially dry.

    This 120V electric coffee kettle is only compatible with outlets in the US and Canada. To find an international retailer near you, head HERE

    • Available in two editions (Pro & Pro Studio) and various colourways
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 11.10 in (282 mm) x 6.77 in (172 mm) x 7.7 in (196 mm)
    • Weight (Pro): 1250 g (includes kettle base)
    • Weight (Pro Studio): 1400 g (includes kettle base)
    • Volume: Volume: 30 oz (0.9 L)
    • Cord Length: 2.5 ft (76.2 cm)
    • Plug: Type-B (for U.S. and Canada)
    • Power: 110-120V~ / 1000-1200W / 50-60Hz
    • Materials (Pro): 304 18/8 stainless steel, plastic handle and lid pull, optional wooden handle and lid pull
    • Materials (Pro Studio): 304 18/8 stainless steel kettle body, plastic handle and lid pull, metal and glass base, metal touchpoints, optional wooden handle and lid pull
    • Temperature Range: 104°F-212°F / 40°C-100°C
    • Product Certifications: ETL compliance, FCC certified, CSA certified, UL compliance
  • FELLOW Stagg EKG Pro - Get-to-Know-You Guide
    FELLOW Stagg EKG Pro - Safety Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Brodie M. (British Columbia, Canada)
Precision Brewing Redefined

In short, the FELLOW Stagg EKG Pro Electric Pour-Over Kettle has elevated my coffee brewing to a new level of precision and convenience. For anyone serious about pour-over coffee, this kettle is an absolute must-have. Five stars, without a doubt!

Stephen (Quebec, Canada)

I'm at a loss to how much of a massive improvement this is to my pour over experience. I absolutely love this thing. It's so comfortable, and controls so easy.

Victor V.B.C. (British Columbia, Canada)
Hard to imagine how a kettle could be better

I'd say the body and lid handles are not PERFECTLY machined, there's some wiggle room. But other than that, it's pretty much a perfect kettle.

Varun S. (British Columbia, Canada)
Better then I could have imagined

I was on a Bonavita goose neck for the last 5 years and finally upgraded to this after it stopped heating consistently. I just needed a new kettle but I'm blown away by how much better of an experience it is using the Stagg. This is very subjective, but I feel that my coffee actually tastes better now, I think that's largely because its just easier to be consistent and precise with the pouring rate etc. The kettle is really expensive, but to me it was very clear why after the first use.

If there was one negative it is that the slow and precise pour rate makes it annoying to just fill up a cup with hot water (like for tea). I'll happily take that trade off though.

Mike (Alberta, Canada)
The ultimate end game for kettles.

I bought the Pro Studio black/walnut version. Holy smokes is it incredible.

It is one of those products that hurts a little at the point of purchase, but the pain is almost immediately forgotten the first time it is used.

Let’s get this out of the way - the pour/flow rate is sloooooow. Whatever. It’s a good match for my Varia VS3, which is also on the slow side. I have learned with both to enjoy the process, instead of turning it into a rat race each morning. And as mentioned in other reviews here, the control over the flow is nothing short of impeccable.

I look forward to using that kettle every single morning (that I don’t go down the espresso road with my Dual Boiler). The Pro Studio is as elegant as it is beautiful.

I was a little concerned because I had seen a negative review online. So glad I blew it off and took the plunge.

The features are set out in the description. I use and enjoy them all. The altitude adjustment is especially useful. I never knew why on all my prior temperature controlled kettles, they kept boiling for a long time, instead of shutting off and holding the temperature upon reaching a boil.

The guide mode is also very useful. I also very much enjoy that feature as well.

If you want to cut to the end game without wasting a bunch of money on lesser kettles along the way, throw down on this one. You won’t regret it. Who knew that boiling and pouring water could be such a fun, elegant thing each morning. This could very well be your last kettle (I hope mine lasts forever).

T.S. (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Pricey but worth it.

This is an extremely pricey kettle no doubt but if money is not an issue, you will not be disappointed. Features, build quality and outstanding performance are what make this an absolute must have for your tea/coffee station. The temperature accuracy is spot on and the ability to customize features is simple. The only negative for me is the slow flow rate but it makes up for this in pour control. The wood accents look stunning, this is a brilliant kitchen accessory!

Tyler H. (Alberta, Canada)
Brew Bar Essential!

Fellow continues to demonstrate their capacity to marry form & function with the latest edition of their iconic Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle. This Pro Studio model not only looks gorgeous with its matte black body & walnut accents, but functions phenomenally with its newly integrated features like Schedule, Guide Mode, Altitude, and BRICKY (because who doesn't love a video game!) If you have yet to add a Fellow kettle to your brew bar, I would highly recommend it be this one! I LOVE IT.

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