Green coffee - Blend Small Producers DECAF EA: Washed, Colombia

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Apex Coffee Imports, a Canadian green coffee* importer, sources specialty coffees in a fair and equitable manner. Their focus is on fostering positive relationships between coffee producers and clients and highlighting the hard work of small family farms by supporting these producers year after year.

*Green coffee is the raw, unroasted form of coffee beans that must be roasted before consumption.

Origin: Colombia

Origin: Type: Single Origin

Region: Huila & Narino

Producer: 258 Small Producers

Format: Green Coffee

Process: Washed, EA  Decaf

Caffeine: Decaffeinated

Variety: Castillo & Caturra


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Customer (British Columbia, Canada)
Great Decaf

Roasts quickly, and compliments our full caff espresso mix to create a half caf brew.

Wojtek (Ontario, Canada)
Decaf can be good as well

I have to admit that I am not an avid decaf drinker. However, since our daughter prefers decaf, I decided to try roasting some. Experiencing a limited ability to detect smells post-COVID, it was interesting when she commented that I had promised to roast real coffee, not decaf. This is how she assessed the aroma of the beans while making an espresso. I can also confirm, the taste (which I haven't lost) is quite good.

Steve H. (Alberta, Canada)
Really Nice

I'm a newbie roaster and picked this bean as my first decafe. Roasted with a hot air gun, stainless-steel saucepan, timer and sieve. Learned that decafe doesn't throw chaff or has a loud first crack like regular beans so I had to go on sight and smell alone. Apparently, I did a pretty good job because I just did a blind cupping, comparing it to a Phil and Sebastian decafe. They were very close, but both my wife and I picked this bean/my roast as the better cup. Maybe I got lucky. Maybe this is a better bean. It was a surprising result none the less.

J.S. (Alberta, Canada)

I bought this as a gift for my mom, who only drinks decaf. My plan was to do a mom daughter day and have part of it be to roast our own coffee. I had bought non decaf beans for myself at a grocery store in town, and in comparison these beans looked very nice compared to what I had bought for myself. They were clean looking and we were able to roast them beautifully to a medium roast in my convection oven. The aroma is heavenly and being impatient we tasted some the next morning and it was already fabulous. Thank you for the advice from the showroom staff at eight ounce coffee, which helped us be successful in this endeavour. Can’t wait till it has properly rested because the coffee we made was so delicious already without resting.

I will definitely buy these again, and perhaps when the weather cooperates I might try roasting in my wood fired oven outside.

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