Hario Canister Coffee Mill

Hario Canister Coffee Mill


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The Hario Canister grinder is a traditional crank style hand grinder that uses ceramic burrs to grind coffee, and has a removable and sealable glass jar underneath to store your coffee.

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  • This traditional crank style hand grinder uses ceramic burrs to grind coffee, and has a removable and sealable glass jar underneath to store your coffee. Holds 120g of ground coffee.

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Customer Reviews

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Beth M. (Alberta, Canada)
For intentional cups of coffee

A hand grinder is not for the faint of heart! If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to grind your coffee, this ain’t it! If you’re looking for an intentional addition to your already sacred morning coffee routine, this is the perfect thing. Changing the grind size is easy to figure out, finding the perfect size is a bit more difficult. Would definitely recommend.

Jennifer M. (Ontario, Canada)
Best Hand Grinder

Easy to use. Consistent grinding. Great tool for a great cup of coffee.

Joel M. (Ontario, Canada)
Small or Large pot

Love it! I have a 6 and 9 cup Pyrex percolator stove top coffee maker and one hopper fills the basket on the big one! No more grinder as alarm clock either!

YK (Ontario, Canada)
Great grinder

Bought this for my partner who is exploring the world of coffee. Great manual grinder for beginners and is elegant enough to leave on our buffet table.

Rosemary C. (British Columbia, Canada)
Elegant Hario Coffee Canister Mill

I am very pleased with my purchase of the Hario Coffee Canister Mill. It looks elegant in my kitchen. The grind for a French press is perfect, the canister keeps the ground coffee fresh for days and being able to grind beans ahead is convenient.

S.K. (Manitoba, Canada)
Gift for my boyfriend, he loves it!

My boyfriend was in need of a coffee grinder so I bought this guy for this birthday. He tried it right away and he loved it! He said it was not as loud as he expected it to be and I feel it adds a bit of calmness to his coffee making routine! Plus being able to store the unused grinded coffee in the canister is great.

Robert D. (Ontario, Canada)
Great little grinder

A nice smooth, quick and consistent grinder that's well-designed and well-made. The hopper is not as big as the container volume, and could be a little bigger for those who want to brew a full pot of strong coffee in one pass, but in general terms, it's a good value and does a very good job.

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