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  • Yes, you read it right. Hario makes Labware. And Labware crossed with Hario provides you with the coolest way to decant or serve your coffee.

    This 300ml conical beaker is made to the highest standards and looks amazing - as well as achieving an excellence in chemical durability and heatproof quality (apparently).

    Another useful little feature are the 50ml markings, all the way up to 300ml. This makes it perfect for mixing exact cold brew ratios with milk or water!

    Oh, and if the feeling takes you, you can also test it in a laboratory setting.

    • “H-32” is a heatproof glass (borosilicate glass) with a low coefficient of thermal expansion that was completed over many years of research. It is a type of glass prominently used for laboratory materials with an excellence in chemical durability and heatproof quality, and is in compliance with the standard “borosilicate glass 1” as regulated by JIS R 3503.
    • Excellent chemical properties:
      • Heavy metals such as lead, zinc and cadmium, along with sulfurous acid or antimony that are usually used as foam breakers are not used at all in H-32. It can safely be used for chemical analyses.
    • Electric glass melting furnace
      • An excellent homogeneous glass container was created through melting with the electric glass melting furnace. The electric glass melting furnace is also highly praised as an efficient electric furnace that does not cause pollution.
    • Heatproof Quality
      • A glass’s heatproof quality is shown according to its heat resistant temperature difference. “H-32” has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and does not expand and contract due to heating or rapid cooling. It is a type of glass material that is heat resistant, and can withstand a temperature difference of 250 degrees, as found from testing with a clear rod.
  • Method Coming Soon

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