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  • The Tea Largo is an exciting new tea brewer from Japanese heatproof-glass company Hario. Simply place loose tea leaves into the glass bowl, then fill with fresh hot water. The leaves have enough room to unfurl and move around while the tea brews. Then, when your desired steep time has been reached, just press the switch on the base, which releases the tea into your cup. The Largo makes it easy to either re-use your tea leaves for a second steep, or clean out the leaves quickly and easily. To set up a Hario Largo Tea Bar, all you need to add is a Hario Drip Station, and a Hario Scale/Timer.

    • Capacity: 800ml
    • Height: 16.5cm
    • Width: 13.0cm
    • AS Resin lid heat-safe to 90°C
    • Heatproof Glass Bowl
    • Stainless Steel Filter and Stopper Ball
    • Silicone Rubber Base and Inner Holder are heat-safe to 180°C
    • Polypropylene Switch is heat-safe to 120°C
    • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
    • All parts can be disassembled and washed
    • Made in Japan
    1. Place the tea dripper on a drip stand or pot, then add tea leaves to the glass bowl. As a reference, you can use 1 heaping teaspoon or about 3g per cup.
    2. Boil fresh filtered water and pour into the glass bowl.
    3. Put the lid on for about 3 minutes.
    4. Press the switch to extract the tea.

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