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  • In Japanese, Mizudashi means "water soup". Not the most elegant name for this sleek looking cold brewer. So here at Eight Ounce Coffee, we like to call it Oishi tsumetai kohi (delicious cold coffee). We've been using this beautiful contraption since the snow melted. All you do is add some tasty, medium-ground coffee to the mesh filter, fill with cold water, and leave it in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. The result? Smooth, syrupy sweet light coffee for you to pour (into your KeepCup, obviously), and run out the door. One taste, and you'll be as hooked as we are. We might not even put it back in the cupboard when winter comes! We've also been using the Mizudashi cold brewer to make iced teas. Our favourites so far? Cold Japanese Sencha, and Indian Nilgiri (black tea) mixed with apple juice. Hello summer!

    • Capacity: 1 Litre (Brewed Volume)
    • Height: 29.4cm
    • Width: 9.4cm
    • Heatproof Glass
    • Polypropylene Filter Holder, Lid and Handle Band
    • Polyester Filter
    • Silicone Rubber Bushing
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Made in Japan
    1. Put 80g of freshly ground coffee into the filter (We recommend a medium-fine grind)
    2. Place the filter in the brewer and align the dot on the filter with the dot on the spout of the pitcher
    3. Slowly pour in water to evenly saturate the ground coffee
    4. Pour the water to halfway up the height of the band (This will be approximately 1150ml of water)
    5. Use a spoon and gently and slowly stir the coffee grounds and water inside the filter
    6. Fit the lid into place and place the brewer in the refrigerator for approximately 8 hours
    7. Remove the pot from the fridge, take off the lid and remove the filter before replacing the lid
    8. Your cold-brew coffee is now ready, just keep it in the fridge until you're ready to serve it
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Customer Reviews

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Great Introductory Cold Brewer

This is a great cold brewer if you want a simple and easy to use cold brewer. It has the added perk that the entire brewer doubles as a carafe once the basket is removed.

Because of the size of the basket that holds the coffee grounds, you won't be able to experiment with larger amounts of grounds to make a concentrated cold brew. It is also difficult to taste test the cold brew during its infusion because the grounds will bloom in the basket and you can only access the brew if you remove the basket.

If you want a ready to go cold brewer that requires little work -- a simple "add the grounds, water, and come back in 12 to 16 hours" -- then this is for you!


Very happy with this brewer, the design is simple, functional, easy to use and to clean.

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