Hario V60-02 Copper (Raw)

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  • This is a special edition Hario V60 dripper for those who really want to show off their allegiance to the ever-rewarding Hario pour-over method. The copper V60 dripper has a brass handle and a nickel-plated interior.

    We sold most of our stock of these before they even left Japan on a boat bound for our warehouse. Get your mitts on one now!

    • V60-02 Paper Filters Sold Separately
    • Practical Capacity: 480ml
    • Copper V60-02 Dripper
    • Nickel-plated Interior
    • Brass Handle
    • Made in Japan
V60 drip brew brewer pourover pour over pour-over

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Laurent (British Columbia, Canada)
Beautiful sheen

I admitted that I bought this fancy tool mostly for the look. I have a plastic one and it works perfectly. But copperware has a unique charm under kitchen light. This piece of art simply makes everyday brewing more enjoyable.

Kyle (British Columbia, Canada)
Raw Copper V60 Review

But how is the brew?

Obviously, the raw copper version of the V60 is beautiful to look at and decidedly less breakable than porcelain or glass.

With my trusty hand grinder (porlex), and using the ever vague medium fine setting, I have been following James Hoffman's technique and brew ratio of 60g / L. After two months of use, I have grown quite fond of the V60 after being a long-time Chemex user.

I highly recommend the V60 in general, and if you're willing to spend extra for the copper version, don't hesitate.


bought it along HARIO COPPER KETTLE and both look fantastic in my kitchen.

Tanner J.
Ballin’ Dripper

I wanted to add a beautiful aesthetic to my kitchen and up my drip game so got the copper dripper along with with the kettle and scoop. I am not an “expert”, so can’t say I notice a difference between coffee from the copper vs the glass/black dripper I also have, but the copper sure looks nice. All in all I am happy with my purchase.

Juan R. (Alberta, Canada)
Great Looking and Capable Pour-Over Brewer

This IS NOT a pure copper brewer. Instead, it's a copper-plated brewer with a stainless steel interior and a brass handle. There are three different metals going on here (four technically if you consider that brass is an alloy of copper and zinc). That said, it still looks great in your kitchen and makes a fantastic cup of coffee. As of this review, the current price is $106 for the copper brewer vs $11 for the plastic Hario V60. Does it make coffee that's $95 better than the plastic one? Not at all. Buy it for the looks.

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