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  • Take the Hario V60 Range Server, throw it at an olive tree (figuratively, not literally), add a wood carving Samurai, and this is what you get. The highest quality Japanese glass, a handcrafted olive wood handle, and simple functionality provide you with one of the most drool-worthy coffee servers available. An olive wood lid is provided keep heat in and prevent spills, and it has a 600ml capacity; enough to hold coffee warmly for 2 or 3 people.

    • Practical Capacity: 600ml
    • Heatproof Glass and Stainless Steel Parts Made in Japan
    • Natural Olive Wood Lid and Handles Made in China
    • Assembled in Japan
V60 drip brew brewer pourover pour over heat resistant proof

Customer Reviews

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Same great server, different style!

This server has been a great addition to my collection. I've had the original range server in both 02 and 03 sizes for quite some time and they have always held heat well, been easy to clean and can be used with multiple pour overs. This server is no different, but adds a nice visual touch with the Olive wood. Its a great way to jazz up any collection or to buy as a first server!

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