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  • If you want your brew method to look as good as it tastes, then look no further. The wood neck consists of a cloth filter on a metal hoop with with a wooden handle, and a glass carafe with, surprise, surprise, a two piece wooden collar tied in place with a leather tie.

    The cloth filter requires a little care and attention to maintain, but is worth the work as - when used correctly - it produces a clean cup of coffee that retains a lot of the oils, giving you smoothness and body that is so hard to get from a paper filter. You'll also avoid the taste of paper tainting your lovingly prepared brew.

    • Practical Capacity: 480ml
    • Cotton Flannel Cloth Filter
    • Heatproof Glass Made in Japan
    • Wood Handle, Grip and String Stopper Made in Thailand
    • Stainless Steel Filter Ring
    • Leather String
    • Assembled in Japan
  • Method Coming Soon

V60 drip brew brewer pourover pour over set server carafe nel drip

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