HUSKEE Cup (12oz/355ml)

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Featuring Huskee's unique biopolymer (containing waste coffee husk) and perfectly sized for lattes or drip, the 12oz HuskeeCup will look great on your home coffee station, on a café table or in your bag. This is the 12oz HuskeeCup ONLY. Saucers and lids are sold separately.

Colour: Charcoal
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    Perfectly sized for lattes or drip, the 12oz HuskeeCup will look great on your home coffee station, on a café table or in your bag.

    With universal lids, universal saucers, and an array of sizes, your cup will be lovely to use whether you're on the go, staying home, or hanging out in your favourite café. The best part? They're made from a unique biopolymer (containing waste coffee husk). Durable, Stackable, Dishwasher Safe, and Recyclable*!

    This is the 12oz HuskeeCup ONLY. Saucers and sets are sold separately. Please note Universal Lids FIT 12oz cups.

    • HuskeeCup keeps your coffee hotter for longer with its unique thermal properties, while it's slim and grip-able form is comfortable to hold.
    • HuskeeCup features coffee husk as a raw material, re-purposing this organic waste material into new forms that provide value to coffee farmers while also eliminating the waste that's produced at the milling stage of coffee production.
    • By purchasing HuskeeCup, you are helping to recycle hundreds of tonnes of waste material from the production of coffee.
    • Take part in eliminating even more waste by joining HuskeeSwap!

    *Recyclable by returning to Huskee or by dropping it off at a participating HuskeeSwap partner.

    • Capacity: 12oz (355ml)
    • Lids and Saucers sold separately
    • Available in Charcoal or Natural Husk Colour
    • Highly Durable and Recyclable by Returning to Huskee
    • Made from Eco-Composite Polymer (Up to 50% Coffee Husk and Polypropylene)
    • Designed in Australia
    • BPA Free
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Easy to Clean
    • Height: 13.24cm
    • Diameter: 8.69cm
    1. Brew
    2. Fill
    3. Enjoy a hot (or cold) drinking experience... sustainably

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Janet N. (Ontario, Canada)

Great service!
great product

Bill (British Columbia, Canada)

I LOVE everything about these cups!! I love that they are made with coffee waste. I love that they are dishwasher safe, that they can be stacked, that they have universal lids and saucers. I love the way they feel in your hand, and I LOVE the way they look. It is so rare in this world to allow the shape and style to speak for itself, rather than having a brand name blasting out at you!! I'm sick of everyone being treated like a WALKING BILLBOARD. This cup is environmentally conscious, thoughtfully designed, and chic as all get-out.

Now all we need is for coffee shops to UNITE in an effort to SAVE THE PLANET! Let's make Canada greener! By sharing this same cup and letting them be returned to any participating coffee shop, think of how many paper cups--AND PLASTIC LIDS!!!--that would avoid the landfill. We can't wait for GOVERNMENT to take the lead--business MUST jump in. We citizens are READY TO SUPPORT YOU!!

Thanks Bill, for this fantastic review - we couldn't have said it better!!!!!!

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