Iconic Coffee Brewing Kit

by Eight Ounce Coffee
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  • There is no brewer more iconic in coffee than the Chemex Coffee Brewer.  This masterpiece of design has a permanent place in the New York Museum of Modern Art and deservedly so.  

    Of course, the Chemex is designed to work in tandem with its high density filters that provide a smooth, nuanced, delicious cup of coffee so you'll find a pack of 100 pre-folded Chemex filters that will keep you caffeinated for, at least, a few months!

    Finally, to ensure that you don't fall at one of the most important hurdles, we pair the Chemex brewing systems with one of our classic grinders: the Hario Skerton.  With a 70g capacity, adjustable grind settings, and timeless look, your favourite beans will be ground in no time to ensure the freshest cup of coffee that you can make.

    • 6 Cup Classic Chemex ($59.50 value)
    • Hario Skerton Grinder ($55.00 value)
    • Chemex Filters ($14.50 value - filter style may vary with stock availability)
    • 6, 8, or 10 Cup Classic Chemex
    • Hario Skerton Grinder
    • Chemex Filters
    • Optional add on of US made Able Metal Kone filter
  • Method Coming Soon

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