LINO 10oz Coffee Mug

by notNeutral
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  • Make the LINO Coffee Mug a part of your daily ritual. This 10oz mug from notNeutral is robust enough for the café and beautiful enough to make a great impression.

    LINO was designed for the professional barista.

    notNeutral collaborated with award-winning baristas to create the perfect cups for specialty coffee. Well regarded for its meticulous design and iconic shape, the LINO collection quickly gained a global following among coffee aficionados and baristas alike. The interior curvature of each cup is optimized for latte art and thermal insulation, and the handle, flush with the rim of the cup, ensures comfort and control for barista and drinker alike. Available in a variety of sizes and colours, LINO cups can be found in coffee shops worldwide.

    *Full colour pieces will exhibit natural variations in glaze coverage, particularly around the lip and sharper details.

    • Available in Black, Light Grey, Periwinkle Blue, Sage Green, White, Canary Yellow, Lotus Green, Ozone Blue, Dark Grey or Rhubarb Red
    • Capacity: 10oz (296ml)
    • Functional Capacity: 9oz (267ml)
    • Fine Porcelain
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Microwave Safe
    • Height: 3.5"
    • Width: 5"
    • Made in Sri Lanka
  • Method Coming Soon not neutral la l.a. los angeles usa

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beautful mug!

This is without a doubt the best mug I have ever owned! Plenty of room in the handle for my fingers and a nice solid rest for my thumb so that it is beautifully balanced. Lovely colours too - I plan to buy more.

Glad you are enjoying the mugs, Marilyn!
More ergonomically comfortable than your typical diner mug

While I wish the mug was a little bit larger (a more conventional 12 oz would have been nice, because the step up to 16 oz is quite significant), it's not a hassle to adjust my pourover brewing recipe for this volume. As with all of their LINO series, the handle ergonomics are what make this mug so great to use. A wide opening allows for more fingers through, and the handle is just right for a secure grip without feeling flimsy or chunky. It's overall very comfortable to hold without any odd angles that would dig into your fingers or palm. The mug is a little on the light side, but it's still no featherweight.

It looks like the most common stress point could be where the top of the handle meets the rim and the ceramic is slimmer, but none of my mugs have developed any fractures yet. It's a bit expensive for a coffee mug, but the price is in line with others of the LINO series

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