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This beautiful natural wood handle tamper from Motta has a flat-bottomed, stainless steel base, is available in 49, 53 or 58mm diameters, is great value, feels wonderful to hold, and is made in Italy. Tamp away my friend, tamp away.

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    One annoying thing about espresso machines is that they all seem to come with a silly little plastic tamper. Sure, it sort of works, but with the amount that you just spent on that espresso machine, it feels awfully flimsy. Don't suffer that plastic tamper any longer. This beautiful natural wood handle tamper from Motta will perform so much better. It's a great value, feels wonderful to hold, and it's made in Italy. Tamp away my friend, tamp away.

    • Flat-bottomed, stainless steel base, available in 49, 53 or 58mm diameters
    • Interchangeable natural wood handle
    • Made in Italy
    1. Grip the tamper comfortably, with the handle sitting in the hollow of your palm (as you would grab a door knob) and the shaft of the tamper handle aligned as an extension of your forearm. There’s no need to grip the tamper very tight. Hold it loosely and comfortably, keeping your wrist neutral.
    2. Rest the portafilter level on the counter (preferably on a tamping mat so as to not damage the portafilter or the surface). Keeping the tamper level, slowly lower it onto the bed of coffee and press the tamper into the table just until you feel the table pressing back at you. That’s it! There’s no need for a twist of the tamper or for a second tamp. Also, don’t worry if you are pressing hard enough or not. It is better to press consistently and level than to press as hard as you can.
    Pro Tip: when tamping, keep your forearm perpendicular to the table and portafilter. This puts less strain on your wrist and makes it easier to tamp level.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Faraz S. (California, United States)
Fits the Robot Portafilter

Arguably much better quality and feel than the self-leveling tampers sold for Cafelat Robot.

Prior to shipping, Eight Ounce shared that its a bit of a tight fit in the Robot's portafilter, and so it may produce some suction. True at times, but not always.

M.M. (Alberta, Canada)

It tamps and looks pretty


It’s a tamper. It’s very solid, and I like the handle :)

Fletcher (Alberta, Canada)

These are so nice. Love’em. Great first tamp for your first 58mm set up. Looks and feels good. I was having problems consistently getting the pressure I needed, bought this.. voila perfect espresso every time!!!

Jacob O. (Ontario, Canada)
Game Changer

Making a great espresso requires good technique. The Motta Espresso Tamper is a great investment. Eight Ounce Coffee is my to go to online shop. Excellent service as always.

Landon B. (Alberta, Canada)
Nice tamper

Using this with my flair 58 because I didn’t like the included tamper. Works great nice and heavy. Could be slightly more snug in the basket but not really an issue.

Andrew N. (Ontario, Canada)
An excellent upgrade from a plastic tamp

My family bought a small Breville espresso machine, but it shipped with a terrible plastic tamp-on-a-stick that doubled as a scoop for ground coffee. It was unusable, as there was no way to get a grip to apply pressure evenly.

We ordered the 49mm size, and the wooden handle on the Motta tamp made it easy to hold comfortably and tamp evenly.

If you use the plastic tamp your home machine shipped with, do yourself a favour and upgrade to the Motta tamp.

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