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  • Eliminate inconsistencies and reduce channeling in your espresso shots with the latest and greatest design of the ONA Coffee Distribution Tool aka OCD: V3!

    The new OCD: V3 comes with an advanced static-reducing coating, a lower centre of gravity for better stability and it's lighter than ever before! Originally designed by Sasa Sestic in the lead up to his 2015 World Barista Championship, ONA Coffee has redesigned the OCD to be the ultimate coffee distribution tool. No more finger-distributing, no more fussing over getting a perfect distribution directly from your grinder, the OCD Version 3 gently smooths out the bed of coffee in the portafilter and leaves a perfectly level surface to tamp on. All that, and it's easily adjustable for a range of dose sizes.

    • Available in Black, Silver, or Titanium Colour Finish
    • Diameter: 58.5mm (fits IMS and VST Basket)
    • Approximate Weight: 380g (100g lighter than previous models!)
    • Materials: Stainless Steel Centre Part, Anodized Aluminum Adjuster and Locker
    • Patented Design

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Does what is says it does, just $$$

This OCD does exactly what it says it does and does it well, however if I am going to spend close to $200 on a piece of kit I consider this a non necessity, spend the money on a better tamp if anything.

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