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  • During our harsh Canadian winters, our lips were always drying out. Vanilla and Cherry lip balms kept interfering with tasting notes during cuppings. So we decided to partner with our favourite natural skin care company to create these single origin coffee lip balms.

    Every few months we partner with one of our besties on the Canadian (and British) coffee roasting scene to create a new edition. We let the roaster choose their current favourite coffee, and then the lip balms are tested and created for us locally in Calgary using organic ingredients including Canadian beeswax, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. Now our lips are soft, smooth, and always tasting of delicious specialty coffee.


    NOTE: Although we let you choose the Roaster, we sometimes run out of a particular style.  It's rare, but in that circumstance, we will send you an alternate.

    • Canadian Beeswax
    • Organic Cocoa Butter
    • Organic Coconut Oil
    • Single Origin Coffee
  • Smear a light coating of this on your lips and savour the subtle flavour notes as you would a great cup of coffee.

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