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  • As versatile as a drawer full of tools, and loaded with practical features; this handy device is ready to tackle many of the routine tasks and adjustments around the bar. Saves space too!

    • Basket Popper
    • Steam Wand Tip Wrenches
    • Bottle Opener
    • Light Duty Screwdriver
    • Milk Residue Scraper
    • Soft Gasket Probe
    • Group Bolt Wrench
    • Thermometer Calibrator
  • Steam Wand Tip Wrenches:

    • 8mm
    • 11mm
    • 12mm
    • 13mm
    • Insert wrench tip under basket lip and twist like a key to “pop” basket out
    • Unscrew steam wand tips for cleaning using the steam wand wrenches
    • Use the notch on the 12mm wrench as a convenient bottle opener
    • Unscrew espresso group shower screws for cleaning and backflushing with the light duty screwdriver
    • Scrape wand to remove milk residue buildup using the Milk Residue Scraper
    • Use the pick as a probe to test gaskets for softness and replacement
    • Unscrew group bolts with the 8mm group bolt wrench
    • Calibrate thermometers using the thermometer calibration wrench to tighten or loosen the calibration nut appropriately
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