Porlex Tall Grinder II
Porlex Tall Grinder II

Porlex Tall Grinder II


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The Porlex Tall II grinder is the industry standard in high quality coffee hand grinders. Made fully in Japan with incredible quality, this is the grinder that will last you a lifetime.

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  • After battling hundreds of hoards of beans of every size, shape, and roast, as well as surviving the harsh conditions of camping backpacks, carry on luggage, and office desk drawers, the Porlex has gained enough experience points for a big level up: Introducing the PORLEX II!

    With its newly designed burr set, the Porlex II can grind beans easier, faster, and more evenly. This results in less fines, less boulders, and more even grounds. Do you know what they say about even grounds? More delicious coffee in your mouth! Compared to the Porlex I, this grinder can produce roughly 1.3 times more coffee with the same number of rotations. Wow! There is no need to worry about the top of the grinder rolling away like a boulder in Indiana Jones - Porlex has redesigned the adjustment nut so that it stands up proud and tall on its own! With the new burr, the per click adjustment changes an average of 37 microns - meaning you can further dial in your Hario V60 recipe. Made in Japan with higher quality materials than its predecessor, the Porlex II punches above its weight - scaring its rivals back to their grinder travel pouch caves.

    Your favourite Porlex grinder just got way better. So gift your Porlex I to your cousin or co-worker, and pick-up the new and improved Porlex II hand grinder in the battle for portable coffee supremacy.

    • New and Improved Ceramic Burr Set
    • Made of Higher Quality Materials than Porlex I
    • Made in Porlex's Kirishima City, Kagoshima Factory in Japan
    • Grinds Faster, Easier, and More Evenly than Porlex I
    • Ceramic Burrs do not Absorb Water, Smells, and Will Not Rust
    • Each Click Will Make an approximately 37 Micron Change
    • Slim, simple design is very portable and will fit in an AeroPress
    • 30g Approximate Capacity
    • Detailed Instructions Included
    • Does Not Include Rubber Band Grip
    1. Adjust Burr to Appropriate Grind Setting eg. Pour-Over = 9-11 Clicks
    2. Weigh Coffee (~30g capacity)
    3. Remove Lid and Add Coffee
    4. Ensure Grinds Cup is Secure
    5. Attach Handle Until it Reaches the Base of the Shaft
    6. Hold the Grinder Body with One Hand and the Handle with the Other
    7. Rotate Clockwise
    8. There Will be Resistance Throughout Grinding
    9. Empty Grinds Cup Full of Fresh Ground Coffee into Desired Brew Method
    10. Make Delicious Coffee
    11. Enjoy Freshly Made Delicious Coffee
    12. Clean Grinder Regularly

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Bobbie V. (Alberta, Canada)
Porlex tall grinder

I bought this as a Christmas gift. So I can't review it myself. Our oldest suggested this for her boyfriend & said he will be excited when he opens it! Very sturdy!

Rebecca (British Columbia, Canada)

Light weight, efficient and takes half the time to grind my beans as my old hand mill.

Steve J. (Alberta, Canada)
A Worthwhile Upgrade!

I started roasting my own beans, mostly out of boredom during the first wave of Covid. However, after nearly two years, I'm hooked!

I've been using this grinder for about a week now, and it brings home roasted coffee to a whole new level. Incredibly even grind, that can be finely tuned to suit the needs of your preferred brewing method. It definitely makes the morning ritual more peaceful without the noise of the electric blade grinder.

It is also light weight, and compact, meaning that it'll fit nicely into a backpack for camping, fishing, and hunting trips.

My only real compliant is that the handle is made for people with incredibly tiny hands, making it a little difficult to get a proper grip on the knob. At some point, I'll have to drill out the rivet, and replace the knob with something a little bigger, but I can make do until it's a little warmer out in the garage.

Don M. (Alberta, Canada)
Porlex tall Il

Excellent grinder, well made, grinds smoothly, consistently and much quicker than other grinders I have used

A.F. (British Columbia, Canada)
Consistent grind size

Very consistent grind size. Grinder is well made. Burrs are easy to clean. Be aware that it does take a bit of time to grind by hand. I usually grind about 27-30g of coffee and it takes well over a minute. Very satisfied overall!

Chenjian W. (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Porlex Tall II

Easy to use and assemble/dissemble. Because the container is metal, you can’t see how fine/coarse the coffee is unless you take it apart. But that’s not a big problem. It works very well.

Cam P. (Cluj, Romania)
Great manual grinder

Have been using it since arrival every day without issue. Arrived decently fast (1 week), can't complain since was free shipping. Can't compare to others since this is my first manual grinder, but I believe, based on solid research, that is the best choice on price vs performance ratio. Looking forward to validate its durability, hopping for 10+ years. Happy grinding to all :)

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