REVOLUTION True Tamp (58.3mm)

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There's no getting away from it, tamping is an essential step in making espresso. This entry level tamper gives you a huge step up from the bendy plastic one that came with your espresso machine, without breaking the bank.

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    There's no getting away from it, tamping is an essential step in making espresso. And while you may not want to pay $100 for one, the standard bendy plastic number that comes packaged with your machine is just not up to standard. In fact, it's a bit of an embarrassment. So you're gonna need a replacement and this is where this little guy comes in. The feel and quality of this 58mm stainless steel tamper belies its reasonable price. It's great to hold, has a really nice weight (345g), and looks pretty good on the counter, next to your pride and joy.

    • Weight: 345g
    • Stainless Steel base with ABS plastic handle
    1. Grip the tamper comfortably, with the handle sitting in the hollow of your palm (as you would grab a door knob) and the shaft of the tamper handle aligned as an extension of your forearm. There’s no need to grip the tamper very tight. Hold it loosely and comfortably, keeping your wrist neutral.
    2. Rest the portafilter level on the counter (preferably on a tamping mat so as to not damage the portafilter or the surface). Keeping the tamper level, slowly lower it onto the bed of coffee and press the tamper into the table just until you feel the table pressing back at you. That’s it! There’s no need for a twist of the tamper or for a second tamp. Also, don’t worry if you are pressing hard enough or not. It is better to press consistently and level than to press as hard as you can.
    Pro Tip: when tamping, keep your forearm perpendicular to the table and portafilter. This puts less strain on your wrist and makes it easier to tamp level.

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Rattleware Tamper, SML Round Handle 58mm

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