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  • When your daily commute is beginning to feel like a journey through six feet of snow, and it's uphill both ways, you'll want this stainless steel bottle to keep your drink hot.

    This lightweight stainless steel bottle from Rivers, called the "Stem", combines high performance and usability. Exceptional for everyday use but equally useful while trekking to a cold snowy mountain top. 

    For any activities like mountain climbing or backpacking, you want the lightest weight as possible. The Stem achieves an ultra-light weight of 200g (as little as a smart phone!) by reducing the thickness of the stainless steel as much as possible. With a thinner stainless steel, the contact area between the inner and outer walls of the bottle is also as small as possible, limiting heat conduction. Rivers also applied a copper coating on the inner wall of the vacuum to further enhance the heat retention effect. While everyone knows that copper is an excellent conductor, it is also a good radiation shield. Of course, that sounds silly! But by combining copper shielding with double wall insulation, this is one Dewar Flask that stops both thermal and ultraviolet heat conduction. And if you've got a cold drink in there, that copper shield will let you keep it sitting in full sun instead of trying to find a shady spot where one doesn't exist.

    Electrolytic polishing on the interior surface prevents anything sticking, keeping smelly or unhealthy bacteria at bay. You can repeatedly use this bottle without odour and you can even repeatedly use it for sports drinks without worrying about funky stuff growing in there.

    • Material:
      • Stainless Steel (main body / polypropylene lid, inner stopper)
      • Silicone Rubber (lid, internal stopper)
    • Capacity: 500 ml
    • Heat retention: 73 ℃ or more (6 hours) with loss of no more than 7 ° C
    • Size: Width 70 mm × height 225 mm × depth 70 mm
    • Weight: ~200 g
    • Hand Wash Only
  • Method Coming Soon!

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