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The KINGrinder K6 features an interior grind adjustment control for its stainless steel burr set. With an 16 µm adjustment per click, making precise, micro-changes in grind size is achievable and repeatable, allowing you to brew a cafetière for the breakfast table and a cezve for relaxing after dinner.

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    KINGrinder combines precision, manual coffee grinding and robust construction in a functional package, at a competitive price.

    The KINGrinder K6 features an exterior grind adjustment control for its stainless steel burr set, allowing you to fine-tune your grind size. With an 16 µm adjustment per click, making precise, micro-changes in grind size is achievable and repeatable, allowing you to brew a cafetière for the breakfast table and a cezve for relaxing after dinner.

    The K6 is a high-quality, versatile grinder that is as equally suited to espresso as it is for brew grinds.

    Watch the video below to learn more about The KINGrinder and don't forget to check out our YouTube channel for more videos about coffee and coffee products!

    • 16 µm adjustment per click
    • Exterior adjustment control
    • Stainless steel burr set
    • 48mm burr size
    • 30-35g bean hopper volume
    • Aluminum catch cup
    • 645g weight
    • 6.35mm drill compatible
  • KINGrinder K6 User Manual

    Suggested Grind Adjustment

    Grind Type K0 K1 K2 K4 K6
    Extra Fine N/A 28-40 clicks 28-40 clicks 15-50 clicks 15-25 clicks
    Fine N/A 40-60 clicks 40-60 clicks 50-60 clicks 25-60 clicks
    Medium-Fine 60-80 clicks 60-80 clicks 60-80 clicks 60-90 clicks 60-90 clicks
    Medium 80-100 clicks 80-100 clicks 80-100 clicks 90-120 clicks 90-120 clicks
    Coarse 140 clicks 140 clicks 140 clicks 150 clicks 150 clicks

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Customer (Alberta, Canada)
Smooth, quiet and almost effortless.

I am so impressed by this grinder. I use it for my Flair Espresso, V60 and Aeropress. It’s perfect for all of them.

Grinding is easy and consistent. No sticking or clogging up. I’ve tried it attached to an electric screwdriver. It works but honestly the grind is so easy it’s not really worth it.

If you’re looking for a grinder to meet your daily coffee needs, this might be it.

JASON H. (British Columbia, Canada)
Kingrinder K6 all purpose grinder

Well engineered and built like a tank.
Very enjoyable and satisfying to use.

I'm using the K6 to grind mostly my own home roasted beans and occasionally store bought.
I like my beans on the dark side. Not oily but roasty.

My Aeropress setting is 65 on the K6. I use Alan Adler's recommended recipe and technique.
Bold, strong and flavourfull.

My espresso setting is 38 - 40 on the K6. I'm using a Breville Infuser. 1:2 ratio.
Best espresso I've produced to date.

Adjusting grind size is easy and fast with the outside adjustment ring.

I wish the K6 was available when I began this coffee passion/quest years ago.
I've waisted money on budget electric grinders that barely perform.
The K6 is a premium grinder that gives premium results and it's not priced out of my budget.
Yes it's manual. It's also very easy to use, has low to no retention and takes up less valuable counter space.
You won't get this level of consistency with a budget electric grinder and certainly not the K6's ability to switch between fine espresso and great filter grinds.

Jeffrey (British Columbia, Canada)
Kingrinder K6

Very well made. Fit and finish is excellent. Grind control is precise.

Lucas C. (British Columbia, Canada)
Great manual grinder with amazing build quality

Almost entirely aluminum construction, reasonably sized, and feels solid in hand.
I grind medium-fine for Aeropress and it doesn't take much effort to grind through about 20g of light roast beans. I weigh and grind after I start my kettle and I finish grinding before the water is boiling.

Upgrading from a Baratza Encore and the K6 (visually) has much better grind consistency. At the same MSRP, spend your money on the K6 if you're okay with a manual grinder.
As far as I can tell, the K6 has the same burr as the 1zpresso K-Max so at the price the K6 is selling at, it's an amazing value on top of the excellent grind quality.

A.M. (Ontario, Canada)
Just a solid grinder

I was looking for an upgrade to my cheap grinder because I got into espresso and this grinder is incredibly capable. It works incredibly for espresso and pourovers. It's very well made and is a joy to use every morning

Rob S. (Alberta, Canada)
Great Grinder

The K6 is a great grinder. Easily adjustable and minimal effort required to grind the beans. Have only used it for my Moka pot so far but looking forward to playing with different brew methods.

Joseph S. (Texas, United States)
The K6

This grinder is fantastic. I use it primarily for drip coffee like v60, the wave, and so on. But it has a great range for its grind profile. It is easy to clean, and quite user friendly. The construction is very quality and it has a nice feel in the hand. I use it as my daily grinder. It replaced my knock airgrind which is now just a travel grinder.

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