Melodrip Stainless
Melodrip Stainless
Melodrip Stainless
Melodrip Stainless
Melodrip Stainless
Melodrip Stainless
Melodrip Stainless

Melodrip Stainless


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  • Get unparalleled clarity in your cup! Whether you're pouring from a gooseneck kettle or one with a wide mouth, the Melodrip reduces every pour to a gentle sprinkle, giving you a beautiful low agitation pour-over. You can move the Melodrip around to evenly saturate all of the coffee grounds and remove it when the time is right during the pour to balance the sweetness. A perfect pour-over.

    • Machined 304 Stainless Steel handle
    • Melodrip dish made of Eastman Tritan polymer
    • Includes borosilicate glass stirring stick
    • NSF/ANSI certified food-safe
  • Method Coming Soon

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Dylan (Ontario, Canada)
Very cool tool

This reminds me of an espresso machine showerhead. It spreads out the water and changes the agitation when pouring water. The tool is well-made, and feels sturdy.

Jean-Philippe C. (Quebec, Canada)
Amazing drip coffee

Amazing method if you dont have a gooseneck kettle.

Mike (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Awesome tool

I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical, but it does as advertised. Clarity and sweetness is increased with my Chemex brews.

Can be used to get some extra life out of a standard pour kettle or a budget grinder with slightly more fines.

Theresa A. (Ontario, Canada)

It's a Christmas present for 2020.

Christian (Quebec, Canada)
I love it

It allows me to extract evenly at a much finer grind size than I would be able to use without the Melodrip due to the gentle agitation.

Steven N. (Alberta, Canada)
Clarity redefined

First takes: some practice getting used to the Melodrip, and adding to it into the workflow. A bit of extra math for the (added) pulses.
Overall produced very clean cups!

Other thoughts - adds another variable to the recipe. e.g.: the number and volumes of pulses and affect on the brew times.

Jeremiah (British Columbia, Canada)
Game Changer

Love using this when brewing on my V60 or Kalita! I find that it brings out a much cleaner cup.

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