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  • The Barista Basics Knockboxes are designed with quality and durability in mind. Unmatched by any other knockbox on the market, they are made with ultra strong ABS plastic and include a removable NBR rubber knock bar. Each unit is packaged with an oversized NBR rubber hush gasket for added resilience and noise reduction. The removable knock bar and sleek ABS design make these units easy to clean.

    The hush gasket for Barista Basics Knockbox has been redesigned for improved noise reduction, durability, and performance. The new "C" gasket shape is removable for easy cleaning or replacement and will greatly improve the knockbox life and performance! 

    • 6.5"/166mm(top diameter) x 6.25"/158mm(deep)
    • Includes NBR rubber hush gasket and removable NBR rubber knockbar
    • 5mm thick, durable ABS plastic
    • Designed for in-counter application
    • Handwash for easy cleanup, BPA free
    • NBR rubber and ABS plastic combine for reduced impact noise
    • All units are made of 100% recyclable materials. For more information, visit http://recyclenation.com/
  • Please notice, the knockbox should fit snug within the sinkhole to ensure proper function and durability.

    • Cut Measurements: top diameter 166mm
    • Flange Measurements: 6mm
    • We recommend having the product in hand before cutting a sink hole. The knockbox should fit snug within the sinkhole to ensure proper function and durability of the entire unit.

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