Subminimal FlowTip Jug

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The FlowTip Latte Art Jug makes learning latte art easier and offers the control and detail needed for the pros.

Colour: Black
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  • A milk pitcher featuring a comfortable ergonomic heat-resistant handle. The sharp tip and smooth-neck spout design make pouring easy for beginners and professional baristas.

    Ergonomic: The only latte art pouring jug featuring a comfortable ergonomic heat-resistant handle.

    Custom Spout: Designed to make it easy for beginners and ultra-detailed for the pros.

    Stovetop Ready: Warm up your milk without a steam wand or large espresso machine, thanks to the heat-resistant handle.

    The ergonomic and heat-resistant handle allows you to use the jug directly on a stove to warm up your milk. You won't need a steam wand or separate pot for heating the milk at home. This makes the FlowTip Jug the perfect companion for the NanoFoamer.

    All day comfort at the cafe. This ergonomic heat resistant handle makes the long hours of working with hot steamed milk a little easier on the hands.

    The smooth neck ensures a very even flow of milk during the pour. This gets the latte art started just right.

     The tangent edges of the spout gives the milk all the room it needs for dreamy ripples as it flows unobstructed from side to side.

     Sharp, only at the very tip. This means that you can created very fine details at the end of your pattern without compromising your ripples earlier on.

    Compatible with all stovetop types. An induction diffuser may be required if the induction stove cannot detect such a small pot. A diffuser may also be necessary for stability on a gas stove.

    • 450 ml, 15 oz
    • Stainless steel
    • Compatible with all stovetop types.
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Comes with a free cleaning brush included
  • Heat your milk (dairy or dairy-free) in the FlowTip Jug on your stove. We recommend checking the temperature is just right with the Subminimal Contactless Thermometer, then texture the milk to smooth perfection with the Subminimal Nanofoamer. Pour the steamed milk into your espresso based coffee drink - bonus points for latte art! 

  • Subminimal FlowTip Jug Data Sheet

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kim D. (New Brunswick, Canada)
Nice Jug but smaller than expected

This jug heats milk well. I prefer a jug with a wider mouth so i can spin the milk after heating to maintain a microfoam for flat whites. This jug if perfect for cappuccinos!


Great jug, stylish, practical. Worth it for sure.

Le f.B. (Alberta, Canada)

Perfect for our chai latte!

AJ (Ontario, Canada)
Great design

I like my milk very hot. Depending upon how you choose to hold your milk pitcher this might be the one for you. The insulated handle is welcome relief from the heat transfer while steaming. I don't use a cloth on the handle of my other pitchers. Very fine pouring tip compared to most others I've seen. I've retired my other pitchers. It's my go to pitcher now.

Jessica L. (Ontario, Canada)
Really wanted to love this...

There are some great things about this steaming pitcher. The gauge of steel is nice and thick, the tip is nice and fine, the shape is lovely for getting a nice vortex in the milk as you steam.

However, as a barista with small hands, the oversized handle is a challenge, as it seems to absorb a lot of the "wiggle" I need for a good Rosetta. As well, after two 5-hour uses and gentle handwashing (we don't have a dishwasher on site), the black coating is peeling off in large chunks!

This is compared to my Cream pitchers, which have been used and washed for over a year, and are just now starting to show signs of the coating coming off/scratching. I can't help but worry this is going to flake off into customers' drinks.

For the price I had hoped for better...I really wanted to like these pitchers.

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