Timemore Slim Coffee Grinder

by Timemore
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Sadly, the gold edition of the Slim Grinder has been discontinued, but you can still get the beautiful black gunmetal finish

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  • Building on the brilliant design of the popular Timemore Nano hand coffee grinder, the new Slim is a little taller so you can grind more coffee! The Slim uses the same sharp steel burrs, the same spring mechanism that locks the inner burr into position and two ball bearings that hold the grind shaft in place. The result is an exceptionally precise grind and a smooth turning handle. The Slim comes with a traditional style handle, but it's the little touches like the magnetic handle knob that show how thoughtfully this grinder was designed.

    The Timemore Slim Coffee Grinder is great when you want a hand grinder that's precise enough for perfect espresso shots but it's equally well suited to coarser grinds.

    You now have two burr sets to choose from! The original Nano comes with sharp Stainless Steel Burrs perfect for espresso, coarse grinds like French Press, and everything in between. Or choose Titanium-coated Stainless Steel burrs, designed specifically for the best espresso grind.

    • Available in Black with Diamond Grip pattern with Stainless Steel or new Titanium Coated Stainless Steel Burrs
    • HRC58 Sharp Stainless Steel Burr Set
    • Capacity: ~20g
    • Diameter: 45mm
    • Includes a grinder brush
  • We recommend that you grind through some Urnex Grindz™ every once in a while to soak up coffee oils and make it easier to keep your grinder clean. And while this video is for the Nano, you can brush clean your Slim the same way:

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Grinder Love

Wanted to share a YT video made by Timemore which shows 3 methods for cleaning the grinders. Thanks Timemore!



This grinder, along with the Nano version, is actually stunning. Compared to all of the hand grinders I've gotten my hands on (literally), this one in particular is durable and performs well. I wouldn't necessarily listen to a negative review unless you've actually given it a try! Timemore has outdone themselves in terms of design, functionality, and packaging.

On a side note: even though there was some shipping issues on the courier's side of things (no surprises there), Eight Ounce was able to deal with the situation as best as they could. Appreciate it.


I was so excited to get this grinder, couldn't wait for my first cup of fresh ground coffee. Well to my surprise, the grinder showed up damaged and does not function properly. The only positive is that now I have a nice bag to keep my junk in.

Hi Sean - we’re so sorry it arrived damaged! Send us an email at hello@eightouncecoffee.ca with a photo of the damage and we will get you a replacement!
New grinder baby!

This is a great hand grinder. Fast, good particle distribution, sleek and comes with a nice carry bag!

Thanks 8oz!

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