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  • Install one of these shims to shift the grind range finer on your Sette. This Shim kit with Allen keys is for adjusting the hook cylinder and the grind calibration for all models of Sette grinders. The 2mm hex key included in the tool kit is not needed for installing the shims, but if you find that your portafilter doesn’t fit between the portafilter hook and the convertible device arms, or if it falls out because the basket is too short, you can use the key to loosen the hook and move it higher or lower to fit your needs.

    • Includes:
      • Two (2) 0.3mm Shims
      • One (1) 2mm Allen Key for adjusting the portafilter hook
      • One (1) 5mm Allen key used for removing the cone burr from the holder
  • Check out this guide for when, why and how you should use the shims to calibrate your Sette

    clicker grind adjustment knob knobs nob

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