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The Brewista Smart Scale II™ is popping up at cafés everywhere for good reason. Whether you're brewing a pour-over or measuring espresso, the water-resistant nano-coating and new redesigned fully sealed body will keep you going even when you spill.

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  • The Brewista Smart Scale II™ is popping up at cafés everywhere for good reason. Whether you're brewing a pour-over or measuring espresso, the water resistant nano-coating and new redesigned fully sealed body will keep you going even when you spill. The included silicone pad protects the internal circuitry from heat, or you can use the protective cover as a tray for coffee beans.

    • 2kg (70oz) Capacity at 0.1g Accuracy
    • Gram/Ounce Display
    • Micro USB Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
    • 6 Mode Settings including Auto-Tare, Auto-Time and Auto Shut-Off
    • Includes Protective Cover and Silicone Pad
  • Method Coming Soon

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
James (Manitoba, Canada)
Very nice scale and great customer service!

When my first Brewista scale gave out after a few years I thought I’d try something else and ordered an acaia Pearl. Was not impressed with the huge size of it and the dot matrix display was definitely not for me! Back to Eight Ounce it went and true to their word they had a new Brewista promptly heading my way! I love the compact size and accuracy and especially mode 6 for doing pour-overs! Mode 6 on a Brewista is far superior to acaia Pearl’s pour-over mode.

Kevin G. (Alberta, Canada)
It does everything I've asked of it and it does it quickly.

A great little scale that's perfect for what I was looking for. Having said that, I only use the scale for measuring the weight of the ground coffee and then the pulled shot. The size of the scale is ideal for my espresso machine and I've been very happy with the purchase.

Gordon (Alberta, Canada)
Brewista Small Scale II

This little scale does it all. It is great for at home or on the road. Scale starts up fast. Is the perfect size. Have not used the different programs but the default program is all I needed. Battery life is great. My old unit only lasted about four days between charges. Low profile lets me use it under my portafilter with shot glass to weigh my shots.

Wayne M.L. (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Well made and portable

Bought this after coffee spill destroyed my old one. No worries about spills with this one. The scale is small by works with my Chemex. Easy to take on trips. Using in manual mode now. It takes a while to get used to different programmes as they can be sensitive, but they work as expected. Overall, I am quite satisfied

Leif (Ontario, Canada)
Tried n true

This scale does everything it’s supposed to and does it well. Sole complaint: it’s physically smaller than the scale it replaces and is thus less convenient in one respect: when weighing certain things the display is obscured. If I need to spell out the issue... anyway, for 90% of my uses it’s perfect. For the remaining 10% it works but requires minor gymnastics...

Kris P. (Alberta, Canada)
I want to love it...

On paper this scale have all the features I am looking for. Small footprint and auto-tare and auto-timer functions, rechargeable, etc. In reality (although I have only had this for a few days) I am not that impressed. I seem to have issues with Mode 5 where the auto-timer doesn't start until there are a few grams already in the cup which is not very useful. Also, the timer does not always stop when the shot is finished which is also not very useful. Another small quirk is the clear case it comes with. The case does not fit if the rubber matt is on the scale. I will give it a few more days to see if I can work out the kinks.

It is a much cheaper alternative to the offensively expensive Acaia scales which is a good thing.

Louis-Philippe L. (Alberta, Canada)
Works, but the built quality isn’t there

I kind of wish I had read the comments before purchasing. $117 is serious money for a scale, but I thought I would get something of quality and built to last at that price. Like others experienced, the plastic casing bowed in the manufacturing process, making the scale wobbly and rocking front to back. I just received a replacement where they’ve added rubber feet to correct the wobble, but the bow is still there. In addition, the sticker covering the control board was misaligned when it was applied, reducing the waterproof protection of the components. The look and features are nice, but the quality isn’t there, which is frustrating for something pretty simple.

I also feel like the plastic cover should fit the rubber pad in it.

I would not recommend this scale.

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